Pablo De Oliveira

Pablo Vinicius Gasparim Paiva de Oliveira was born in Ivaipora/Brazil.

Known as Pablo de Oliveira in England, he started to play futsal at the early age of 6 years old at the Parana Club in 1982, surrounded by recognised and top champions, likes of Ricardinho, Tcheco, Alex and few other well known players in those days, who helped him builded up what it became his technical and quick decission making skills in Futsal.

Pablo began his professional career at Foz do Iguacu at the age of 20 years old then he joined Francisco Beltrao and Joinville Sport Club, where he played from 1995 to 2000 obtaining few cups and throphies; Pablo also played as midfielder for Douglas Haig in Argentina, winning a regional league title before deciding to return to Futsal in 2001.

On his returned to Futsal he joined Cagliari Quartu Duemilla from Italy. He quotes: "I had wonderfull time in Sardegna surronded by great people and a very professional enviroment of Futsal, Marco Vacca and Giane Mellis from Cagliari were the first top chairman and coach who assisted in the learning and appreciation during his contributions during the time in Italy.

Pablo was offered a position in Fano Futsal which is a mainland Italy Club, leaving Cagliari Quartu was a very hard thing to do, driven by passion and desire to be the best to his abilities he continue to offered his knowledge, experience and the determination to keep learning evrything about Futsal.

Before making one of the hardest decission in his career as Futsal player and leaving Italy to do his best in England, being aware of England developement structure was an opportunity Pablo could not just missed. Having the knowledge and experience obtained from home as well as played in the highest clubs in Italy, Pablo was ready to make his mark in England to support and assist a country that carries a loving passion for sports.

After playing for several winning clubs in England, Pablo was finally was invited by the England FA Manager of Futsal Mr Peter Sturgess who welcomed his involvement in the England squad for few friendly matches. For Pablo being personlly approach by the England manager and being the only Brazilian player ever to represent England was a honour, an indication for Pablo to continue persueing his ambitions in this country and devote to the fullest of his abilities when another opportunity arises.

Pablo will always remember wearing the England kit, a very sensitive and unforgetable ocassion in his carrer and life, a day to remember!!!

Today his playing for England Beach Soccer Team but still in love for Futsal...He quotes: I have a strong fever... A Fusal Fever!