libero con la non dominante un tocco con la buona
Starting from the idea that the individual improvement of the player will always help the construction of the collective game, we proposed this activity and above all the way to realize it, with an intensity dictated by the participation of the coach who becomes primary.
With the presence of a joker (which can be limited or freed in various ways to create a variable to the game). The simple rules are to make only one touche with the good foot and free touch with the weak foot. If you go against the rules there is a free throw for the opposing team. One important thing is that the player must play at one touch if he receives the ball fro the Coach after the ball itself went outside.
20- 30 minutes in the second part of session.
What is important to underline is the participation of the coach who always puts the ball in play when it comes out. He puts it into play as he likes, to provide variability to the game and puts it into play quickly so as not to give pauses to the game itself.

Changing the number of touches, changing the characteristics left to the joker, or the way to finalize it could make the activity more complex and give it different objectives.
Ball Possession, Technique - Control and ball protection, Technique - Passing, Technique - Running with the ball, Technique - Shoting