395 - Ball possession 3v3 + 4 Jokers
3v3 at 20x20 , 4 Jokers on the line.
Ball possession, quick defensive redeployment .
All the players
Bibs, balls, cones
- 3v3 at 20x20
- 4 Jokers (1+1 per side) on the opposite lines of playing area
- both Jokers inside part of the line marked with cones.
- ball possession with possibility to connect with "your" Joker who than enters the pitch to progress ball possession
- in the meantime who passes ball to the Joker takes his place
- ball possession goes than to the opposite side to connect with other Joker of your color
- start with 2v2 inside
- allow Jokers to move along the pitch side
- connect with Joker only after certain number of passes
Ball Possession