391 - 3v3 and 3v2
3v3 and 3v2 if defense recover ball
Positional attack, Transitions, Exit pressing.
All the players
Bibs, balls, cones
- 3v3 at 30x20, objective to score the goal.
- with corner-kicks and kicks-in.
- if defense (yellow) recover the ball they have to pass it (connect with) to the blue team who is waiting outside.
- in this moment 3 blue players enter the field with objective to attack the goal while attacking team (green) who lost the ball become defenders.
- defenders after connecting with blue team go out (they took blue team position).
- new defensive team has to make exchange of one player from the pitch with one who is waiting outside.
- during this time attacking team has numerical advantage and can attack goal in transition.
- start 2v2 inside
- only one touch goal is valid
- reduce time of attack
Positional Attack, Positional Attack - Exit Pressing, Transitions - Attack, Transitions - Defense