399 - 4-0 improvements
4-0 vs 3 defenders
Improve 4-0 formation attacking. Work between lines, moving without ball, collaborate on side, change side of attack.
All the players
Bibs, balls
Every Team is made of 4 players + goalkeeper.
Both teams are playing two touches.
Team who starts to attack try to break opponent players pressing.
Attacking Team has 5 attacks in row.
Objective is to score the goal.
If defending team takes ball possession their 4th player enters to help.
Fourth defender starts to defend when attackers overcome center line.
4v4 game goes forward until ball goes out.
- Introduce time limit to overcome center line.
- introduce free touches.
Group Actions - Build up, Group Actions - Finishing, Positional Attack, Positional Attack - Exit Pressing, Positional Defense, Positional Defense - Pressing