401 - 3v3 with exchanges
3v3 at 28x20 with two Jokers.
Transitions, defensive redeployment, quick finishing, decision making.
All the players
Bibs, balls, cones
- 3v3 at 28x20 with two Jokers at squares at center line (see image).
- Teams playing at two touches maximum.
- one team players and Jokers have bibs into their hands.
- during attack Team can pass the ball to the Joker inside squares.
- in this moment Joker becomes attacker
- player who passed ball to the Joker takes his place
- if Joker plays with team who is without bibs he left bib on the floor and attacks.
- objective is to score the goal.
- only one touch goal.
- reduce number of connections with Jokers.
- change pitch dimensions.
- change Jokers position.
- leave free game.
- three touches maximum.
Group Actions - Build up, Group Actions - Finishing, Transitions - Attack, Transitions - Defense