Futsal Concept Explanation
An action executed by one player on an opposing player defending against a team-mate who is in possession (a direct block), or on an opposing player defending against another team-mate who is not in possession but is looking to receive the ball (an indirect block).
Acting within the rules, an attacking player takes up a position to stop the defender from getting into a specific area of the court, thereby enabling this space to be used by the teammate in question (who may or may not be in possession of the ball).

Where from blocks are coming coming:
0:04 Center kick block (player who passes the ball makes a block, winger runs long the side).
0:12 Block from Central player (sweeper) for winger who goes inside 01.
0:23 Block from opposite winger for winger who goes inside 02.
0:29 Opposite winger block.
Also pivot can makes blocks.
Think about false blocks.
Think about the way blocks are made.

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