35 - Corner kick defense - New ideas

Futsal Concept Explanation

UFCL - UEFA Futsal Champions League - Final Four - Barcelona 9-11/10/2020

No doubt there are several reasons why Barca and ElPozo were using this way of defense vs Corner kicks:

"In the end probably doing something different will work until attack begins to find new solutions and then you have to change again." by Doug Reed

- First post red player: closer to the goal to protect it in case of external or volley shots (specialist players for both types)
- goalkeeper characteristics
- this player can easier protect Corner kicker player closing the second post
- this player has more time to react (being little bit far away from the corner kick)
- this player can act as Libero, than other three players can run out to protect (intercept) external shoots
- etc

- what else ?

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Courtesy UEFA

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